Movie “Axman”

In Axman: Somkescreen, the iconic 70s rock band, reunites after four decades for a final, farewell album and tour.

Trapped in a secluded recording studio, old rivalries re-emerge, fuelled by jealousy and resentment. The arrival of a young and enigmatic groupie heightens tensions and unravels secrets. As tragedy strikes, the band must confront their demons and reconcile their differences to survive. With their legacy hanging in the balance, they navigate through a haze of drugs, lust, and betrayal to fulfil their ultimate mission, to record an album that will cement their place in rock history. Amidst escalating stakes and revelations, ‘Axman: Smokescreen’ delves into the music industries darker side.

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Powertool Cheerleaders vs the Boyband of the Screeching Dead – The Musical

When a cursed amulet turns their rival boy band act into a screeching gang of zombies, a group of cheerleaders must learn to use their wits, friendship and assorted power tools before a TV talent show takes a turn for the apocalyptic.

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Candy Hart

A feature film

Opening Night

A troupe of actors prepare for their eagerly awaited performance, only to find their producer is missing, but sending cryptic messages just minutes before showtime. Nerves skyrocket backstage, as the actors face the critical moment when they must set aside scepticism and come together to deliver the performance of their lives. 

A short film.

The Players

A short film