Who Killed Rock and Roll: Smokescreen a farewell

In the depths of an underground recording studio, the air is thick with nostalgia and resentment, the remnants of 70’s mega-band Smokescreen gather for one last hurrah. As they attempt to resurrect their glory days, old wounds reopen and bitter rivalries ignite.

Steve, the lead singer, stumbles in late, accompanied by his young trophy girlfriend, a stark reminder of the passage of time and the fading allure of their rockstar personas. The tension is palpable as egos clash and secrets simmer beneath the surface.

Locked in an underground recording studio with no chance of escape for two weeks, the band members find themselves embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse. As paranoia mounts and tempers flare, it becomes clear that someone among them has murder on their mind.

In this Agatha Christie-meets-Spinal Tap thriller, the once-glorious world of sex, drugs, and rock & roll collides with the dark underbelly of revenge and betrayal. As the body count rises and old skeletons are unearthed, the question remains: Who killed rock and roll, and will anyone survive to tell the tale?

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