On location or in our studio we have all the production equipment needed to bring your project to life whether it’s for the internet, TV or the big screen. We can also assist with the financial and tax side of film making.

Green screen

Our large green screen space will give you plenty of space to shoot with any background you can imagine, lots of width and headroom.


The Studio has plenty of space to build practical sets or just shoot in green and is well sound proofed.

 We also have the equipment to shoot on location.


On location or in the studio we can provide a full video and sound recording service. Multiple cameras, microphones, lights and a selection of microcams for those close to the action shots.

Music video

We can shoot your video, on location, in the studio, at a gig or a combination of all three. Live sound can be mixed with high quality studio recording to get the live feel but still with the best quality audio.

Whether you want a fun performance video or a full blown musical short film we can help you achieve it.


After your head shot the next step in getting that audition is the show reel, 3 – 5 minutes of you showing what you can do. We can provide scripts and advice or just shoot your piece to camera (we have a selection of locations, backgrounds or green screen to help set the scene).

What we do