Green space

Our Studio space has a “green cave”, this is an area 34ft (10m) wide by 14ft (4.5m) deep and 16ft (5m) high with cyclorama infinity curves at the floor and corners. The pitched ceiling is also chromakey green giving 180 degrees angle of shot in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This allows for extra wide shots with lots of depth and all the headroom you could need.

Ambient lighting is supplied by daylight balanced high frequency (no neon hum) florescent tubes. Ample single phase 32A and 13A sockets. Large roller shutter door for easy unloading.

Usually offered as a dry hire so you can bring your own lights though we have a good selection of our own for hire.

White space

The white space has infinity curves top and bottom and is 14ft (4m) wide 16ft (5m) deep and 16ft (5M) high. Ideal for plain white shooting or colour lit for various effects.


Our make up room features three stations, each with two 13amp sockets and two vertical daylight balanced strip lights per station.


Our wardrobe room is a good size at 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m) with a fitted rail, full hight mirror wall, work

bench, cupboard space, iron, ironing board and plenty of daylight balanced (neon) light.


We have a fully fitted kitchen with microwave, fridge freezer, toaster, kettle, crockery and cutlery. Tea and coffee are always available and if you’re really nice maybe some biscuits too. Outside catering is available and there’s a chip shop, sandwich bar and supermarket within a very short walk.

Green room

Our spacious green room 10ft x 13ft (3m x 4m) is comfortably fitted out and has free wifi.